Pearly Penile Papules  Program Men and women who are most satisfied with their lives, are also those most satisfied in sexual life,” said Christian Thiele. Scientific surveys by him further demonstrate that a small number of intercourse or no sex at all characteristic of couples in which one or both of the partners suffers from a low sense of self worth.

Myth # 4It is normal to have sex eventually disappear from the relationship
Increasingly in the media there is information about couples who live entirely without sex and yet their relationship is perfectly fine.
According to specialist consultancy partner, although such exceptions exist for the vast majority of couples it is not true.

Genital herpes, a terror to transgressors
Herpes on the mouth is unpleasant His genital version but still considerably worse. Men’s Sexual Health Disturbing urination causes burning and itching. Above all, but a negative effect on sexual life and women complicated pregnancy.

Genital herpes can infect virtually everyone during sexual intercourse.

Pearly Penile Papules Treatment Genital herpes is an unpleasant disease once it infects a person, he will accompany the entire life. Small blisters that appear in the genital area are painful, causing itching; toenail and man because of them feel generally weak.

Genital herpes does not negatively but only physically, disability feel “unclean” and often avoid sexual contact that partner started to despise them, but also so that it infected.

Terror transgressors
Genital herpes affects millions of people around the world. Unlike classical herpes on the lips but this type is not at first sight apparent.

Can infect virtually everyone during sexual intercourse the first symptoms of the disease are usually observed within three to twenty days after the act with an infected person. If there is an infection in disbelief, hardly transgressors can keep this disease.pearly-penile-papules

If he continued in a sexual relationship with his regular partner, would also exhibit her lover or mistress high risk of infection.
To prevent disease transmission, it is recommended that before the sexual act properly inspect partner.

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Unfortunately, this slightly absurd situation is not a guaranteed way to make sure that there is no risk of disease transmission.

Genital herpes is on you and can be passed from a partner who does not have visible signs of disease. Universal advice is therefore monogamy or at least use condoms. Even when protected sexual intercourse but is not absolutely certain that the transmission of the disease occurs.